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Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management ENAC: cole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile Specialized Master Program in Aviation Management (Air Transport Management/Airport Management) 2016-09


Over the last three decades since the reform, Chinese civil aviation industry has achieved sustainable and rapid development in several aspects including air transportation safety and delays, airport development, airline development and management, flight route layout, regulation enactment and general aviation support. As this industry continues to play an increasing role in Chinas socioeconomic development, China keeps emphasizing the development of its aviation industry, which has now become a major player in the world. However, this rapid development in aviation domain calls for further improvements and new challenges within two pillars of this industry: air transport and airport management.

Aviation management is a large and complex system that requires harmonization of different aviation stakeholders such as airlines, airports, air navigation service providers, civil aviation authorities as well as aeronautical manufacturers.

This multi-interdisciplinary system creates major challenges that call for improvements of aviation staffs capabilities and skills in managing effectively and efficiently their respective domains.

In order to respond to these challenges, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management, in partnership with cole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), have decided to develop jointly two Specialized Master Program in Aviation Management: Air transport management Master along with an Airport management Master. As indicated, these programs aim at training highly skilled staff able to cope with new challenges faced by the Chinese aviation industry. They also intend to develop their own core management competencies and enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese aviation industry.

Partner Schools

Tsinghua SEM is the first business school on the Chinese mainland to attain both AACSB and EQUIS accreditations and one of the four business schools in Asia that has attained AACSB, AACSB Accounting and EQUIS accreditations. Established in 1984, Tsinghua SEM aims to advance knowledge and cultivate leaders for China, Asia and the world. It strives to maintain its leading place in discipline construction, talents cultivation, scientific research and international exchange in China and has become one of the best School of Economics and Management in China and even in Asia. By providing undergraduate, master's, PhD, MBA, EMBA programs and a variety of executive education courses, Tsinghua SEM is dedicated to cultivating the future business leaders for China as well as the world and outstanding senior management personnel.


cole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC) is the largest aviation university in Europe and the world's most prestigious professional university in this area. Owned by Direction Generale de l'Aviation Civile (DGAC) in France, the school provides, in France, a complete range of 25 higher education programs ranging from Bachelor, to MSc, Specialized Master, MBA, and even PhD through which it welcomes approximately 1000 foreign students annually. ENAC also delivers around 500 advanced training course sessions per year and provides an intensive research activity related to civil aviation, as well as flight training for pilots. It holds a lot of industrial partnerships with some worldwide prominent aviation companies such as: Airbus industries, EADS, Aroport de Paris (ADP), ALENIA, SAFRAN, THALES Industries, ATR, China Eastern, Air France, etc. Even if its headquarters is located in Toulouse, ENAC has a long experience in delivering training courses worldwide through over fifty university partnerships and especially in China in which ENAC trains more than 800 students in Tianjin Beijing and Nanjing.     


Program Values

l  A combination of China's leading business school and world-class aviation institution.

l  China's best international program in Aviation Management with a masters degree.

l  Part-time learning program with one intensive module per month (3 days per module). Complete all required courses within one year.

l  Chinese/English as teaching language (simultaneous translation is provided for English-teaching courses).

l  Specialized Masters Degree in Aviation Management issued by ENAC.



All courses are taught by leading faculty and experts from Tsinghua SEM and ENAC as well as by professionals from the top Asian and European aviation companies. The former academic organization is responsible for general business management courses, whereas the latter one concentrates on the delivery of specialized course modules in air transport and airport managements.


Lecture speakers are senior experts and scholars in business administration and aviation industry with professional background along with rich practical and management experience. Students will benefit from the faculty's extensive corporate management experience and research in aviation management.



Participants must complete 12 basic and specialized courses to be awarded a specialized master degree with specialization in aeronautics and aviation management. Curriculum not only includes traditional MBA courses, but also provides courses about advanced and professional management strategy, knowledge and skills in aviation, airline operation, information strategy, airport management, air traffic control, aircraft design and manufacturing. For detailed curriculum, please see the Appendix.




Target Participants

Applicants with a Bachelor's degree certified by the Chinese Ministry of Education, who are prepared to enter or currently in the aviation business (preferably with more than 3 years of work experience in relevant industries), and aimed to obtain specialized knowledge and advanced technical skills in international aviation management in order to excel in relevant businesses.  Applicants with a college diploma, their professional backgrounds and development potentials shall be assessed by the Admission Committee prior to being shortlisted.



Students who complete all required courses and pass thesis defense will receive Specialized Masters degree in Aviation Management. Degree issued by ENAC, which is accredited by Conference des Grandes EcolesCGE; and Tsinghua University's Certificate of Completion of Postgraduate Training Courses. Qualified students may apply for a Masters degree at Tsinghua University.



Modules provided by Tsinghua SEM are taught in Chinese, and in English for modules provided by the ENAC. To ensure the most comprehensive learning experience, simultaneous interpretation is provided.



This specialized degree program is carried out in Tsinghua University, China's top higher education institution. Upon completion of the first-year study, students with outstanding performance and results will have an internship opportunity (4-8 months) in France and Europe. Other participants can stay in China and carry out internship either in their home company or in other companies they choose on their own. 


How to Apply

1. Submission Materials: an application form with signature, a copy of ID card, a copy of highest education record, 4 one-inch recent color photographs, corporate introduction (If recommended by previous students or alumni, please enclose a recommendation letter in unified format);

2. Applications will be carefully examined and selected by the Academic Committee co-founded by Tsinghua SEM, ENAC and ENPC. Interviews will be conducted if necessary;

3. Admission and payment notices will be issued to qualified applicants by Tsinghua SEM Executive Education;

4. Letter of registration will be issued to participants who have paid tuition;

5. Participants should register with the letter of registration.



Tuition fee for 2016-2017 academic year is 198,000 RMB, Tuition fee dose not include the interpretation translationaccommodation and travel fees. Tuition fees must be paid no later than 15 working days before the start of the program.


Applications are accepted all the year round

Application Deadline for 2016: 1st of September, 2016


Contact Us

Please submit the registration form and required materials before October 1, 2013 by mail or fax to the following address:

International Programs, Executive Education, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

Address: Room 211, Shunde Building, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University

Tel: +86-10-6279-6479

Fax: +86-10-6279-2986

Website: http://exed.sem.tsinghua.edu.cn

Email: sunw6@sem.tsinghua.edu.cn