Our four-year Undergraduate Program opens to high school graduates in both science and arts tracks. Students begin their studies with mainly general education courses in the first two years and then develop in more specialized areas in the following two years. Students may apply for one of the three majors below:

!!Economics and Finance (including an insurance track)

It gives students a systematic understanding of the theories and methodologies of finance and economics with an international perspective and a grasp of China¨s situation. Graduates are capable of tackling practical issues in the economics and financial sector, and can communicate well in both Mandarin and English. This major prepares creative thinkers for careers in research, teaching, or economic analysis and management at financial institutions, enterprises or government agencies.


It produces top accounting professionals fully in touch with international standards. In addition to a firm grasp of modern accounting, the major equips students with extensive general knowledge, Mandarin and English communication skills, and the abilities to innovate and analyze problems quantitatively. Graduates are prepared to expertly apply their knowledge of accounting to real-world issues in enterprise management and the capital market.

!!Information Management and Information Systems

It graduates multi-skilled management professionals with an international perspective and an innovative mindset. In addition to a solid grounding in mathematics and management, economic knowledge, strong Mandarin and English skills, students also gain mastery of information systems analysis and applied systems development techniques. This major prepares students for information management and analysis positions in both the corporate and government sectors.