Program Features


1.      Long history, vigorous development

Tsinghua SEM was established in 1984 with Professor ZHU Rongji as the Founding Dean of the School. Now Tsinghua SEM is one of the best economics and management schools in China and even in Asia. It is the first business school on the Chinese mainland to attain both AACSB and EQUIS accreditation.

2.      Wide range of disciplines

Integrating economics and finance, Tsinghua SEM has eight departments and one teaching group, which are Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management Science and Engineering, Business Strategy and Policy, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior , Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and the Teaching Group of Business Law. We also have three national key disciplines, ranking the highest in the number of key disciplines in Chinese management schools.

3.      Strong faulty

Tsinghua SEM recruited well-known scholars from home and abroad, including a number of scholars enjoying global fame, such as Professor QIAN Yingyi, our current dean. Most of our teachers have had study, research or business practice experience in overseas universities and enterprises.

4.      General education and individualized development

The curriculum of Tsinghua SEM highlights both general education and individualized development of each student. General education integrates value formation, skills development and attainment of core knowledge, stressing the importance of nurturing curiosity, imagination and critical thinking. Individualized development refers to not only personality up-bringing but also individualized education plans, such as the ¡°honors programs¡± that offer three tracks of learning in academics, entrepreneurship and leadership for students in their junior and senior years.

5.      Internationalization

Tshinghua SEM stands top among Chinese business schools in terms of curriculum design, faculty composition, academic activities, extra-curricular practices and other aspects. More than half of undergraduate courses are taught in English.

6.      Foreign exchange and global perspective

Tsinghua SEM has established a cooperative relationship with nearly 100 well-known global institutions. Over half of the students have the opportunity to go abroad as exchange students and study at world¡¯s leading universities.

7.      Great prospects

Our graduates are very popular. Some graduates choose to further their study in China or abroad. Those who choose to enter the professional arena can count on an average of more than two offers from prestigious financial services institutions, consulting firms, multinational companies, state-owned enterprises or government agencies.

8.      Elite consultants

Our Advisory Board consists of more than 50 presidents and CEOs of world famous transnational corporations and internationally renowned scholars who have given us tremendous support in strategic planning, resource development and funds.

9.      Warm living environment

Located in the north-western scenic area of Beijing, Tsinghua University is surrounded by universities and historic gardens. The campus incorporates various teaching facilities and provides convenient life choices. On the campus, there are supermarkets, banks, post offices and other supporting facilities to provide students with the most convenient and most comprehensive service.

10.    Recreational activity and all-round development

With a tradition of sports competition and artistic celebration, SEM has been on a consecutive winner of the MA Yuehan Cup Games for 12 years. Our ¡°Winter Passion¡± show has also been a renowned annual New Year party in the whole university.